Shadows in the Warp

Medbay Cogitator: Faustus Personal Log
Log Entry Alpha-1

I restore life. I take life. I find this dichotomy strangely appealing. but beneath the appeal is an unpleasant disquietness. I have spent days exploring this feeling and I have finally realized its source. Outsiders determine who it is that I restore and who it is that I destroy. Since I was implanted with the geneseed of a fallen Black Legion space marine I have wondered what Chaos was and what being its servant meant. Is this an awakening of Chaos in my soul? Should I throw off the yoke of others and decide for myself who is saved and who is slain? I look at the ones I have been assigned(And why does that term suddenly cause such rancor in my heart?) to help. They are on this path because they have chosen to be…I am here because Warpsmith Skryre directed Apothecary Ermanaus to order me to accompany and assist them. True, I wanted off the ship and I wanted the glory of combat but I got it on the whim of someone else, not because I wanted it. A voice in my soul cries out, “Kill them All! Make thy own Destiny!”. I wonder if this is truly my soul calling out to me or yet some other external influence seeking control…

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