The team's new cleric


Faustus doesn’t remember anything of his former life before Apothecary Ermanaus implanted him with the geneseed of a fallen Black Legionnaire and remade him. He has managed to piece together bits of his former life through conversations with the other people on the ship and “interviews” with the slaves on the ship. Apparently “Jeram” had been a slave on the ship. He came to the attention of Apothecary Ermanaus when Apothecary Ermanaus observed him performing rudimentary first aid on another slave that had been injured in an engineering malfunction. He was transferred to the medical bay where Apothecary Ermanaus had him trained as an orderly. Apothecary Ermanaus also performed various operations on his mind to make him more useful and more resistant to interrogation. When a geneseed became available Apothecary Ermanaus decided Jeram had enough potential to make a worthy Black Legionnaire(assuming he survived the procedure) so he was implanted with the geneseed. Jeram ceased to be and Faustus was born.

After learning all the basic things a Space Marine needs to know from the trainers on the ship Faustus has spent most of his time being trained in the healing arts by Apothecary Ermanaus. During his basic combat training Faustus discovered a love of marksmanship and spends most of his off-duty time on the range or in the ranged combat simulators. This has led him to request to accompany missions leaving the ship as a field medic. Previously, all these requests were denied by Apothecary Ermanaus but the new servants of Warpsmith Skryre have been encountering enough trouble that Skryre overrode Apothecary Ermanaus and decreed that Faustus will accompany the new servants on their future raids.


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