Warpsmith Skryre, the Master Artificer

In essence, the madman who is your boss. 6th Chosen of Abaddon


Most Black Legionnaires know who Warpsmith Skryre is, and consider him to be not only madder than most Chaos Space Marines (which is really saying something), but also to recognize that despite his eccentricities, he is a veteran of thousands of battles and knows what he is doing, most of the time. It is known that his body has undergone a lot of changes and he is most likely mostly made of machine, if not completely.

Following him floating, but tethered to his back with cables, with the same cables being inserted into the back of his skull, are 3 egg-like containers that contain different brains, each slightly different colored with different cybernetic implants.

Following one of his fits of madness, which he has recently taken steps to curb despite the ingenuity that comes from them, Warpsmith Skryre made a comment about Abaddon’s waste of the Black Stone Fortresses, claiming he would have taken better care to study and truly harness their power if he was the one in charge of them, has been made the 6th Chosen of Abaddon. His duty is now both as a Warpsmith and as an explorator to find relics and alien artifacts to use for the next Black Crusade. Should he fail to impress Abaddon, he will likely spend all eternity wishing he never was born.

Warpsmith Skryre, the Master Artificer

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