More Detailed Information on the Gods of Chaos

Each of the Gods of Chaos represents an aspect of life, though often looked upon as a Dark or evil aspect of life, their natures do not make that aspect inherently evil, but to those who oppose them it may certainly appear so. Each God has traits about it that makes it very distinct from the others. Gender is not an inherent part, though there is often an association with gender for each of them.

Khorne is the lord of blood, slauhgter, rage, and destruction. He is War made manifest. All of his followers are warriors, at least in one sense or another. Khorne’s true place of worship is the battlefield. He craves the skulls of his enemies, and his every growing throne is full of the skulls of those slain by his champions and by his champions themselves. Khrone does not care where the blood flows from, even his own followers, so long that it flows.

Khorne is diametrically opposed to Slaanesh, for whom excess and pleasure are the highest concepts. The actions of Khorne and his followers often bring pain, and the thrill of battle is often pleasurable, however, the warrior of khorne does not fight for the pleasure of battle, but rather for the sake of fighting and the glory that comes with fighting.

Khorne’s most well known aspect is the raging berserker, but that is NOT his only aspect. Khorne is also Martial Honor, Tactics, Logistics, Dueling, Self-Sacrifice, Glory, and Hate.

Khorne’s number is 8

Nurgle is the Grandfather, The Lord of Flies, the Lord of Decay, the Plague Father, The Master of Pestilence. Nurgle is death made manifest, he is rot, both physical, mental, and in terms of civilizations. Nurgle is often believed to sit within a palace of living plagues and constant experimentations into sickness. Nurgle’s followers of often depicted with their intestines and other organs flowing out of their body. Nurlge himself is a kind God to his followers, and in his own plaguish twisted fashion, actually tries to take care of his followers. This can often include giving the follower an incurable plague to suffer from, but the followers of Nurgle never seem to be incapacitated or debilitated by these ‘gifts’.

Nurgle is diametrically opposed to Tzeentch. Nurgle is the slow inevitable death, from which there is no change. His warriors are constant and stagnant. Tzeentch is the hope of change, Nurgle is the inevitable death and hopelessness. .

Nurlge’s most well known form is that of Plague, but he has other just as terrifying forms. He is Rot, Despair, Death, Fear, and Poison.

Nurgle’s number is 7

Slaanesh is the Hermaphroditic Prince of Darkness, The Dark Prince, the Prince of Excess, the Serpent. He, she, it is pleasure in all thing, pain included, made manifest. Slaanesh is believed to live in a 9 Tiered palace, where each tier is more pleasurable than the last. Slaanesh is called She Who Thirsts or The Great Enemy by the Eldar. At the height of the Eldar civilization, the decadence of the alien species reached an unheard of height. The eldar’s inherent psychic ability projected on the Warp, and it led to the birth of Slaanesh, whose birth screams ripped the heart out of the Eldar empire, and created from its center the Eye of Terror.

Slaanesh is diametrically opposed to Khorne, who is only focused on combat and the end. Slaanesh focuses on enjoying every moment for the sake of enjoyment. To experience every aspect of life, to gain pleasure, and to become perfect through experience. Slaanesh is said to appear to his/her/its worshipers as the thing that would give them the most pleasure or that they desire the most. There is often a motif of sex or eroticism with Slaanesh.

Slaanesh’s main depiction is of forbidden erotic sex. However, Slaanesh is not just this. Slaanesh is Pleasure, Greed, Lust, Pain, Corruption, Experience, Perfection, Excess, Pride, and Grace.

Slaanesh’s number is 6.

Tzeentch is the Great Schemer, the Architect of Fate, the Master of Fortune, the Changer of Ways, the Lord of Sorcery. He is change and mutation made manifest. He is fueled by the desire for change and hope. It has been said that were is not for the whims of Tzeetch, man would never have evolved. Of all the chaos gods, Tzeentch is the most capricious, with his desires and whims changing in moments. His plots and schemes are so complex that it is impossible to figure out where one begins and ends. He is the true aspect of Magic and Forbidden Knowledge. Tzeentch’s followers are often sorcerers, however, that is not always the case.

Tzeentch is diametrically opposed to Nurgle. While Nurgle is the inevitable, Tzeentch is the hope of change. Nurgle is stagnant, Tzeentch is ever changing.

Tzeentch is most well known in his aspect of mutation or sorcery. However, other forms of Tzeentch include the Scholar, Inspiration, Precision, Politics, Planning, Rebellion, and Power.

Tzeentch’s number is 9

More Detailed Information on the Gods of Chaos

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