Starting Packages

Each of these packages will be tailor made options to your various characters. If you are interested in playing a specific archetype in the book, one that is listed here, or are interested in playing one of the members of different legions (Such as World Eaters, Night Lords, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons, Alpha Legion, Emperor’s Children, Death Guard, or Iron Warriors) let me know. However the majority of you will be from the Black Legion. It is fine to have 1 or 2 outside members, but the Black Legion and its empowerment will be the main focus of the campaign.

When you guys let me know what classes you plan to take, and whether or not you want to be an original legionnaire, I can tailor make your packages. In addition to that, there are standard choices that can be made listed here:

Starting XP: 2,000
Starting Infamy: 15 (Not including any you gain from Prides, Motivations, and Disgraces)
Starting Corruption: 0 (Not including any you gain from Prides, Motivations, and Disgraces)

Starting Weapons:
- Bolter. This may be swapped for a special/heavy ranged weapon.
- Chainsword/axe. If you did not swap your bolter out, this may be swapped for a special melee weapon, or second bolt pistol.
- Bolt pistol, or plasma pistol if you kept your bolter and chainsword.
- 2 Legion Frag Grenades.
- 2 Legion Krak Grenades or a single melta bomb.
- Legion Combat Knife
- 4 Magazines of standard ammunition per weapon.
- If you choose to keep your stock bolter, bolt pistol, and chainsword/axe, then you may request various weapon upgrades, quality increases, or special ammunition.

Starting Armor:
- Your power armor has all general power armor sub-systems, and 1 Legion system of your choice.
- All subsystems can eventually be restored.
- Do not roll on the customization table. You will be able to customize your armor as the campaign progresses and gain various effects.

Starting Gear:
- Whatever combination of packs, webbing, and harness you want.
- Enough rations for 1 week.
- Choose 1: Medi-kit, Multikey, Torture Tools, Combi-Tool, Auspex/Scanner, Cartograph
- Whatever personal trinkets, charms, or trophies you want (no in game effects.)

More Options to come depending on what archetypes people choose.

Tom: You can switch out your Bolter for a heavy weapon among these choices (Legion Heavy Bolter, M34 Autocannon) Or a Good quality Stalker Bolter with a scope of your choice (except not the omniscope).

Starting Packages

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