Sarmaul, the Lord Hunter

5th Chosen of Abaddon


Sarmaul, once a highly valued Predator Tank commander in the Black Legion, was promoted to being the 5th Chosen of Abaddon thanks to a bet he made with the Warmaster, and became a stylized recruiter. He began by summoning forth his own chosen warriors and began doing what he bet Abaddon he could do: recruit allies and forge a stronger army of humans, daemons, space marines, and mutants than had been done in the past. So far it seems at though he has succeeded, which is much to the ire of Warpsmith Skryre who does not like him. Sarmaul cares little for the Warpsmith’s ire, which probably incenses him even more.

Here follows the Chosen of Sarmaul:

Nexen Kain, the Armour Hunter – A Terminator Lord dedicated to Nurgle, carries around a Reaper Autocannon. Both his armor and weapons are possessed by herald level daemons devoted to Nurgle. He is also the standard bearer for the Chosen of Sarmaul.

Karthus Nachtangst, the Voidseer – A powerful sorcerer of the Night Lord Legion. It is said he can hear all the lies and truths known to the former Primarchs of the Legions. He has great foresight, but has for some reason disappeared to regions unknown.

Ydrau Kaal – A field medic and tech-marine who specialized in wielding ranged weapons and breaking through walls with his Servo-Arm. Author of the ‘Chaos and You’ Pamphlets. Later became a master armourer.

Sarkon the Mad – Worshiper of Khorne, and a great leader of men. Tends to pick fights with anyone of strength equal to his own, yet had perfect cohesion on the battlefield.

Folgore Narthex – A winged Sniper and stealth specialist who flew through the skies to get himself the best sniping position amongst the clouds.

Aspiring Champion Asano – Champion of the Chosen of Sarmaul. Wielded a power-fist imbued with a daemon, allowing him to destroy anything he touched, but it is his mind that is his greatest weapon.

Sarmaul, the Lord Hunter

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