Daemonic Armor

Daemonic Armor

All daemonic armor adds the daemon’s Willpower Bonus to the armor of the character wearing it to all covered locations. In addition, this armor will protect the user against weapons with the Warp Weapon quality and psychic powers with the same quality. However it will only protect using the armor granted from the daemon’s Willpower Bonus.

Creating daemon armor is no different from creating a daemon weapon. You can choose whether or not to add the daemon’s Infamy bonus to the ability rolls on the chart, or not to.
If you are stunned in combat, or knocked unconscious, the daemon and you will roll for daemonic possession. However just like with daemon weapons, the binding strength, which is determined at the creation of the armor, multiplied by 10 is subtracted from the daemon’s Willpower, which can make it harder to possess the wearer. However, the higher the binding strength, the less abilities are available to have.


01-20———-Horns and Spikes
21-40———-Ability Stasis
61-80———-Daemonic Presence
101-120—-Corruptive Resonance
141+———-Impossibly Hard

Horns and Spikes: When an opponent strikes this armor with a non-powerfield, non-Force, or non-daemon weapon, there is a chance for the item to break as if the armor itself had a powerfield
Ability Stasis: Whenever taking ability damage, always reduce the amount by 5 (this can make the ability damage 0), except when taking ability damage from being possessed by the armor
Negation: Negates the Tearing, Razor Sharp, Crippling, and Snare Qualities on weapons striking the armor
Daemonic Presence: All enemies within 5xDaemon’s WP bonus take a -10 to WP
Impervious: The armor grants the character a forcefield with a rating that is equal to the Daemon’s WP, it never overloads, but on doubles generates Psychic Phenomena
Corruptive Resonance: The Armor gains additional Armor equal to half the character’s corruption bonus, rounding up.
Possessed: The armor gives the wielder Fear 1 and Deadly Natural Weapons with this profile (1d10Daemon’s WP Bonus, Pen 2+Daemon’s WP Bonus, Razor Sharp, Tainted, +2 Damage per DoS), No dual wielding penalties for wielding the natural weapons, and Swift Attack as a free talent.
Impossibly Hard: The armor reduces the Penetration value of all weapons striking it to 0. Against weapons with the Warp Weapon Quality, it applies the Daemon’s WP Bonusx2 against it instead of only the Daemon’s WP Bonus.


21-40———-Shocking Field
41-60———-Perceptive Shift
81-100——-Blurred Movement
101-120—-Sensory Barrage
141+———-Lens of Glory

Acrobatic: The Character gains +20 to Acrobatic tests, the character also uses his bonus for Acrobatics instead of his Agility bonus to determine whether or not he can move out of a blast area.
Shocking Field: Attackers hitting the armor must immediately test against shocking
Perceptive Shift: The Character gains Unnatural Agility equal to half the Daemon’s WP Bonus, rounded up. The character also is able to instinctively know when to dodge and when not to, thus not wasting a dodge on a missed attack.
Blurred Movement: The character gains the Preternatural Speed, and Hard Target talents. If the character already had one of these, the effects double.
Sensory Barrage: All enemies trying to attack the bearer of this armor must make a (-10) Perception test or become stunned
Tormentor: Anytime an enemy rolls on the shock table for whatever reason, he adds 10xDaemon’s WP bonus to the roll. In addition the bearer of this Armor gains Fear +1
Reactive: The bearer of this armor gains +1 Reaction
Lens of Glory: All enemies trying to attack the bearer of this armor must make a (-10) Toughness Test or suffer a Hallucinogenic effect for 1 round. Any creature immune to mind effects are immune to this effect


01-20———-Aura of Entropy
21-40———-Regenerative Protection
41-60———-Breath of Nurgle
61-80———-Nothing is Sacred
81-100——-Unnatural Resilience
101-120—-True Terror
121-140—-Unnatural Recovery
141+———-Destroyer Hive

Aura of Entropy: Anytime an opponent makes a test against toxic, he takes an additional -10 to the test, as long as they are within 10xDaemon’s WP bonus in meters away from the character
Regenerative Protection: The character gains 5 levels of the Ablative armor upgrade, which regenerates between combat or during combat at the beginning of the character’s turn so long as the daemon makes a successful WP test.
Breath of Nurgle: The character is constantly surrounded by a cloud of filth, disease, flies, or entropy, he counts as always being obscured by smoke.
Nothing is Sacred: Within 10xDaemon’s WP bonus in meters, all diseases caused by weapons or attacks or psychic powers of this character, ignore the effect of vac-sealing on his opponent’s armor. In addition, all disease checks are made at an additional -10
Unnatural Resilience: The character gains Unnatural Toughness +X, where X is equal to the daemon’s WP Bonus.
True Terror: The bearer of this armor gains Fear +1, and any fear he generates ignores immunity from talents and traits.
Unnatural Recovery: The character gains the Regeneration trait equal to the Daemon’s WP Bonus
Destroyer Hive: Unleash as a Half action, lasts for rounds equal to Daemon’s WP Bonus. All creatures within 5xDaemon’s WP Bonus lose a half action, and anytime they are wounded within the area, must immediately test against Toxic equal to Half the Daemon’s WP bonus


21-40———-True Command
41-60———-Shattering Parry
61-80———-Forged Hatred
81-100——-Devastating Charge
101-120—-Bloody Retribution
121-140—-Whirlwind of Slaughter

Shattering Parry: The character gains +10 to parry checks. In addition if the character successfully parries a weapon, he can attempt to shatter the weapon as if his weapon had the Stormfield quality on his weapon. If he succeeds on an opposed Parry Test vs. enemy’s attack roll with the same bonuses used on the original attack roll, the enemy’s weapon is shattered. Only Daemon and Sanctified weapons are immune to this effect.
Forged Hatred: As a Half action the character can set himself on fire, taking 2d10 damage per turn, ignoring armor. It takes another half action to put out. During this time any opponent he has the Hatred talent against takes an additional 1d10 of damage from any weapon the character uses against him. In addition the character’s weapon gains the flame quality and increases its pen by 1d5.
True Command: The character gains +10 to all command checks. With followers of Khorne this bonus increases by 10, but against followers of Slaanesh, the character receives a -10 to command.
Null: The Psy Rating of anyone targeting this character is reduced by 4. If the Psy Rating is reduced to 0, the opponent can’t push to overcome to difference.
Devastating Charge: The character gains the Thunder Charge talent and Brutal Charge (Daemon’s WP Bonus).
Bloody Retribution: When hit by an attack, the character can immediately make a counter-attack as if he had successfully parried the weapon, he can do this once per round. He also gains the Counter-attack Talent.
Whirlwind of Slaughter: All enemies within 5xDaemon’s WP Bonus take a -20 to their WS, this stacks with the benefit gained by Trophy Rack
Immunity: The character becomes immune to the qualities of a Force Weapon, even downgrading the Penetration and damage values of the weapon as if the Psyker wielding the Force weapon had a Psy Rating of 0


01-20———-Warp Flames
41-60———-Sorcerous Defense
61-80———-Psychic Ban
81-100——-Sanity is for the Weak
101-120—-Psychic Ward
141+———-Time Sink

Warp Flames: Anyone striking the armor must make an agility test or catch fire that deals 1d10+Daemon’s WP Bonus ignoring armor.
Psychic Ward: Anytime the character is hit by a psychic power, reduce the opposing psyker’s Psychic Rating by the Daemon’s Willpower Bonus
Sorcerous Defense: The suit of armor permanently has a number of defensive Psychic powers active on it equal to half the Daemon’s WP Bonus rounded up. The strength of the powers is equal to the Daemon’s WP bonus plus any Psychic Rating it may have
Sanity is for the Weak: Whenever the bearer of the armor is hit by an attack, the character and the opponent can make opposed willpower tests. If the opponent loses he immediately rolls on the shock table with -10 for each Degree of Failure he had in the opposed test plus 10xHalf Daemon’s WP Bonus. If the character loses, reduce the DoF by the Daemon’s WP Bonus, and roll on the shock table. This can only affect each opponent once.
Wormhole: As a Half action the character can make Willpower Test and teleport a number of meters equal to Xd10 away from his current location, where X is the daemon’s WP bonus. If he rolls doubles on the Willpower test he rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table with a -35 bonus. If he rolls all the same numbers on the number of meters he moves he disappears into the warp for 1d5 round and reappears with corruption equal to the number of rounds gone.
Psychic Ban: This armor allows the character to nullify powers as if he had a psychic hood. It also acts as a psy focus. This allows non-psyker characters to nullify psychic powers. If the character already possesses a Psychic Hood, he gains an additional reaction to nullify powers.
Fateweaver: The character gains 2 additional Infamy points, as if his Infamy score was 20 points higher
Time Sink: The character can exist outside of time. Once per combat, the character can make additional half actions equal to the Daemon’s WP Bonus. This can include casting multiple psychic power or attacking multiple times. In addition he gains additional Reactions equal to the number of half actions he chooses to take. However, for each additional half action he takes, at the beginning of his next turn he take Xd10 Willpower Damage, where X is equal to half the number of extra half action he takes rounded up.

Daemonic Armor

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