Daemonic Patronage

Dark/Daemonic Patronage

Copied from Tome of Excess:

“Bargaining with the Dark Gods is a risky proposition as the four gods and their daemonic minions see themselves as inherently superior to mortals. Some Heretics actively seek the patronage of particularly powerful Warp entities as the rewards for such pacts are often quite high as long as the Heretic submits to the Daemon’s requests and avoids angering his new patron.

Gaining Dark Patronage is usually done via proxy, that is to say a daemonic entity powerful enough to grant tangible benefits to the Heretics. How the Heretics gain such patronage can vary and should be as unique as the Daemon. Compacts to obtain the patronage are an excellent method, and particularly impressive feats dedicated to a Daemon can also draw attention. The GM may even allow the Heretics to start a campaign already under the influence of Dark Patronage, though perhaps at a lower level due to the group’s inexperience. Dark Patronage does not require a specific alignment, although receiving Patronage from an opposed Daemonic entity should require excessive acts of devotion
and supplication before the Heretics prove their worth.

Dark Patronage offers a number of rewards, with the GM is free to add or modify them depending on the nature of the patronage, the Daemon in question and the Chaos god it follows, how it was obtained, and the Heretics themselves."

Knowing the true name of your potential daemonic patron, can actually allow you to summon the patron itself to bargain in person with it.

Benefits of Dark Patronage.
-The heretic gains 1d10 Corruption and 1d10 Infamy
-NPCs aligned with the same Chaos God have a base disposition as one level higher
-When attempting to gain items from NPCs or organizations aligned to the god it is one step easier on the Acquisition table
-Rites and Rituals that relate to or directly involve your patron or are aligned to the same chaos god, gain a +30 bonus modifier
-The Heretic gains a free re-roll they can use each time they roll on the gifts of the gods table, however if this roll is taken it must be taken even if worse than the first

The downside is NPCs and Organizations of the god directly opposing your patron will not like you and their base disposition will be one level lower, the acquisition tests will be one level more difficult, and you take a -30 to any rituals relating to the opposing god.

Also if you gain a daemonic patron who is of the opposing alignment you loose all benefits from your god (rewards and gifts of the gods alignment benefits). If you are Marked by your god and gain an opposing patron, you lose your mark and reduce your infamy by 1d10.

Daemonic Patronage

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