Character Classes Not in the Core book

Renegade Tech-Marine

Skills: Logic, Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech), Tech Use, Security OR Tech Use +10, Forbidden Lore (Archeotech OR Xenos OR Warp), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy OR Chymistry).

Traits: Mechanicus Implants (as Heretek)

Talents: Die Hard, Technical Knock, Mechadendrite Training (Weapon and Utility), Meditation OR Total Recall, Armour-Monger OR Weapon-Tech.

- Bolster Defenses: May upgrade the armor rating provided by cover by your unmodified intelligence bonus (this requires materials and may not be used in all situations. Bolstering ruins with plenty of rubble around is easy, bolstering a ship’s bulkhead with only some sticks to work with can’t be done.)
- May buy the Machine trait for 800xp, up to 5 times.
- Binary Chatter: Increases the loyalty of all minions who are servitors or other cybernetic constructs by +10.

Gear: In addition to the starting gear of all Space Marines
-2 good craftsmanship cybernetics
-Either a Chain weapon or a 2-handed Weapon with a built in combi-tool
-Can choose up to Int Bonus limbs to start out as common craftsmanship cybernetic limbs
-Several Dataslates of information

Note on Corruption, Augmentation, and Power:
Techmarines will not gain corruption and receive mutations and Gifts in the same way as others. Their cold, logical minds, and colder cybernetic bodies are not as vulnerable to the mutating forces of Chaos. Instead, they will have the option to achieve similar (or even greater) levels of power through the advancement of their cybernetics, which will certainly involve warp-craft in various ways. While a normal Space Marine may gain extra limbs through mutation, the Techmarine gains extra limbs by building an advanced servo-harness. This does not mean Techmarines will have no mutations, just as non-techmarines can have cybernetics.

Fallen Apothecary

Skills: Common Lore (Imperium, Koronus Expanse, or Jericho Reach), Common Lore (Screaming Vortex, Forbidden Lore (Mutants, Psykers, or Xenos), Inquiry, Interrogation, Medicae, Medicae +10 or Interrogation +10, Scholastic Lore (Beasts or Chymestry)

Talents: Combat Sense, Die Hard, Orthoproxy, Sure Strike or Deadeye Shot, Foresight or Precise Blow or Sharpshooter

-Master of Medicine: The Apothecary is capable of healing and has understanding of the organic form far better than that of the average field doctor. By making a Very Hard (-30) Forbidden Lore or Scholastic Lore test of the appropriate creature, the Apotecary can create a virulent toxin for fighting that kind of creature. He can apply this toxin to weapons up to his intelligence bonus, and it lasts for his intelligence bonus in hits. He can use this ability once per day. If he uses Forbidden Lore (Xenos, Mutants, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, or Psykers) or a Scholastic Lore (Beasts) the Toxic quality will always be 1. If he uses Forbidden Lore (Eldar) for example, he can create a toxin that withe the Toxic quality of half his Intelligence Bonus, but it only functions on Eldar.
-The Apothecary qualifies for the Advanced Healing Talents

Gear: In addition to the starting gear of all Space Marines
-1 Narthecium (Counts as a Medkit with 10 uses, that can be refilled, also has an arm mounted chain blade which has the unbalanced quality. Also with a Challenging (+0) Medicae test the Apotecary can as a full round action extract the gene-seed from a fallen Space Marine)
-1 Chain Weapon or 1 Shock Weapon
-Torture Tools

Character Classes Not in the Core book

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