New Gear

All of this is gear is gear found in the other 3 books available for Black Crusade, as well as adjustments to equipment to have weapons be more balanced. I am only including the new Weapons and Ammunition here. There are a few new Forcefields, Armors, and Special Gear, but players would need to talk to me about them first.

Ranged Weapons

Format- Weapon (Class; Range; Rate of Fire; Damage; Pen; Clip; Reload; Special; Weight; Availability)

Boiler Cannon (Heavy; 20m; S/-/-; 3d10E; 0; 10; 3 Full; Primitive (7), Overheats, Spray, Toxic (3); 30kg; Common)
Combi-Weapon (Human) (Basic; 100m; S/3/-; 1d10+5X; 4; 24; Full; Tearing, Combi-See GM; 18kg; Extremely Rare)
Combi-Weapon (Legion) (Basic; 100; S/3/-; 1d10+9X; 4; 24; Full; Tearing, Combi- See GM; 25kg; Extremely Rare)
Ghibelline Shrieking Pistol (Pistol; 40m; S/-/-; 1d10+4E; 4; 12; Full; Concussive (0), Overcharge, Overheats; 8kg; Rare)
Ghibelline Howler Rifle (Basic; 90m; S/-/-; 2d10; 4; 36; Full; Accurate, Concussive (0), Overcharge, Overheats; 16kg; Rare)
Ghibelline Hyperwave Clarion Cannon (Heavy; 40m; 6d10E; 6; 24; 6 Full; Concussive (1), Devastating (3), Melta, Overcharge, Overheats, Spray; 45kg; Very Rare)
Man-Portable Ectoplasma Cannon (Heavy; 60m; S/-/-; 3d10+6E; 8; 12; 4 Full; Blast (2), Maximal, Overheats; 50kg; Extremely Rare)
Q’Sal Crystal Caster (Pistol; 15m; S/-/-; 1d10+4E; 5, N/A; Full; Razor Sharp, Crippling (6); 0.5kg; Rare)
*Q’Sal Soul Cannon
(Heavy; 75m; S/-/-; 2d10+10E; 0; 10; N/A; Flame, Shocking, Warp Weapon, Cannot be reloaded (See GM for details); 45kg; Extremely Rare)
SAW Bolter (Basic; 100m; S/-/5; 1d10+9X; 4; 100; 3 Full; Tearing; 12.5kg; Extremely Rare)
Stalker Bolter (Basic; 150m; S/-/-; 1d10+9X; 4; 24; Full; Accurate, Tearing, Special [-20 check to determining where shots came from if used while stealthed]; 12.5kg; Extremely Rare)
Thresher Support Gun (Heavy; 120m; //6; 1d10+5I; 0; 200; 2 Full; Crippling (2), Primitive (8), Tearing; 23kg; Scarce)

Melee Weapons

Format- Weapon (Class; Range; Damage; Pen; Special; Weight; Availability)

Aetheme Blade (Melee; ; 1d5R; 1; See GM; 1kg; Rare)
Accursed Crozius (Melee; ; 2d10+6E; 7; Balanced, Concussive (0)-only 2h, Felling (4), Powerfield; 16kg; Near Unique)
Bedlam Staff (Melee; ; 1d10+4I; 4; Balanced, Concussive (2), Flame, Proven (3); 4kg; Near Unique)
Bladehands (Melee; ; 1d10R; 0; Primitive (7), Tearing; 3kg; Very Rare)
Bonecrusher Mace (Melee; 2m; 2d10+6E; 4; Concussive (2), Powerfield, Unwieldy, See GM, 2h; 16kg; Extremely Rare)
Castir Lightning Khopesh (Melee; ; 1d10+4E; 4; Balanced, Flexible, Powerfield; 2kg, Very Rare)
Castir Greataxe (Melee; ; 2d10+5R; 3; Felling (2), Tearing, Unwieldy; 18kg; Very Rare)
Chain Hammer (Melee; ; 2d10+6R; 4; Concussive (2), Tearing, Unwieldy; 20kg; Very Rare)
Chain Spear (Melee; 2m; 1d10+3R; 3; Tearing, 2h; 7kg; Scarce)
Ironfang Chainsword (Melee; ; 1d10+3R; 3; Concussive (0), Tearing, Unbalanced; 12kg; Extremely Rare)
Kursian Heavy Shield (Melee; ; 1d10I; 0; Primitive (6), Unwieldy, Heavy Shield; 12kg; Very Rare)
Kursian Trident (Melee; 3m; 1d10+1R; 1; Primitive (8), Balanced; 7kg; Very Rare)
Membrane Dagger (Melee; ; 1d10R; 4; Crippling (3), Razor Sharp; 1kg; Very Rare)
Polix Heavy Khopesh (Melee; ; 1d10+8E; 8; Balanced, Concussive (0)-2h Only, Powerfield; 6kg, Very Rare)
Pandemonium Stave (Melee; ; 2d10+8I; 8; Balanced, Felling (4), 2h; 6kg; Near Unique)
Rune Shield (Melee; ; 1d10I; 0; Defensive, Tainted, Tearing; 7kg; Near Unique)
Rune Sword (Melee; ; 1d10R; 2; Balanced, Tainted, Tearing; 3kg; Near Unique)
Slivernet (Melee; 6m; 1d5R; 0; Crippling (2), Flexible, Inaccurate, Snare (3)-only when thrown, Unwieldy; 4kg; Rare)
Sickle Sword (Melee; ; 1d10R; 2; Balanced, Special- See GM; 2kg; Extremely Rare)
Thunder Hammer (Human) (Melee; ; 2d10+8; 8; Concussive (2), Powerfield, Unwieldy, 2h; 16kg; Extremely Rare)
Thunder Hammer (Legion) (Melee; ; 2d10+9; 9; Concussive (3), Powerfield, Unwieldy, 2h; 18kg; Near Unique)
Wailing Axe (Melee; ; 1d10+2; 0; Primitive (8), See GM, Unwieldy; 3kg; Common)
Warp Staff (Melee; ; 1d10I; 0; Balanced, Warp Phenomena-see GM for details; 3kg; Extremely Rare)

Special Ammunition

Glitter Shells – Reduce the damage to 1d10, but gains the Hallucinogenic (2) quality, which becomes Hallucinogenic (4) against Psykers.
Scatterscream Rounds – Weapon loses the Scatter Quality, but gains the Blast (2) and Concussive (2) qualities, can only be applied to weapons with the Scatter Quality.
Tzeentian Inferno Bolts – Can only be given to bolt weapons. The weapon loses the Tearing Quality, but gains Warp Weapons and Blast (2) and can only be fired as S/-/- weapons. The weapon loses the Warp Weapon quality when used on non-organic targets. Only usable by followers of Tzeentch.

Weapon Upgrades

Pain Vents – When used, until the start of the Heretics next turn the Heretic gains Fear (1), or Fear (2) if the weapon is used on Semi-Auto, or Fear (3) if used on full auto. If the weapon Jams, the Heretic must pass a Difficult (-10) Perception Test or become stunned for 1d5 rounds. Can only be added to a non-exotic ranged weapon
Soul Sight – The Heretic may ignore the penalty of firing at targets he cannot normally see provided he spends a full round aiming and the target has a soul. Can only be added to a Ranged Weapon

New Gear

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