Only War Talents and Tiers

Format: Talent name – Prerequisites – Explanation

Some of these you might automatically have all the requirements covered by 30+ stats and being a space marine. Some you won’t.

Tier 1
Ambush – Stealth – The characters attacks against unaware targets deal 1 additional damage per 2 degrees of success on the Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill test
Calculated Barrage – Int 35 – When firing an indirect weapon, if the character hits a location within meters equal to his intelligence bonus, enemies must make a Routine (+20) Pinning Test
Drop Trooper – Operate (Aeronautica) – The character treats the operation of a Grav-chute as a Simple (+40) Operate (Aeronautica) instead of a Routine (+20) Operate (Aeronautica) test. In addition, on a failed test, the character counts as only having fallen 1 meter per degree of failure on the test.
Duelist – WS 35, Sure Strike – When fighting only one opponent, who is engaged with no one else, the character always gains 2 degrees of success on any successful WS test.
Excellent Cook – Trade (Cook) +10 – Once per game session the character may make a *Challenging (
0)* Trade (Cook) Test. This action requires several mins to perform as well as ingredients and cooking equipment. If he succeeds, his squad gains a 5 to WP tests to avoid pinning and fear until the end of the next encounter. If the cook succeeds by 5 degrees, the first time a squad member uses an Infamy point, that squad member rolls 1d10. On a roll of a 10, the squad member gains the benefit of having spent the Infamy point, without actually spending one.
Heroic Inspiration – Fel 35, Command – Once per turn the character can use the Inspire special ability of the Command Skill as a half action instead of a full round action.
Modify Payload – Tech-Use – When preparing a grenade or Missile with the Smoke or Blast Quality, this character may make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test to add 1+1 per 3 degrees of success to the damage and radius. If the character fails the test, the grenade or missile detonates before firing
Pugilist – S 30 – The character may make the feint action as a free action when making an All-Out Attack or Standard Attack while unarmed. Additional, he may make called shots with unarmed attacks as a half action instead of a full.
Push the Limit – Operate (Any), Technical Knock – Once per round when making a Vehicle movement action, the character may choose to add +10 to his Operate test. Should he fail the test, the vehicle loses 1 SI (Structural Integrity point) per degree of failure ignoring armor.
Swift Suture – Medicae – Whenever the character uses the Medicae skill for first aid to heal an ally, the action also stops blood loss if the patient is suffering from it.
Vigilant – Per 35 – When making the Overwatch action, the character may use his Perception instead of his Agility when determining whether his action is triggered first. This is also usable anytime he is forced to make an Agility test while in Overwatch.
Wrestler – S 30, Athletics – The character may use his Athletics skill in place of his Strength score when he is called to make grapple tests. In addition, when he deals damage through the grapple, he adds the degrees of success on the grapple check to the damage.

Tier 2
Ace Operator – Operate (Any)10 – Whenever the character fails an Operate test, he may spend an Infamy point to reduce the degrees of failure by his Agility bonus
Cleanse and Purify – WP 35, Weapon Training (Flame) – Enemies hit by a flamer the character wields receive a -20 to their Agility test not to catch fire. In addition, should the character gain a Zealous Hatred with a flamer, the enemies are automatically set on fire
Creative Killer – Street Fighting – When the character fights with improvised weapons, the profile they use is always 1d10-1
Str, Unbalanced
Cybernetic Boost – One or more Cybernetic limb(s), Tech-Use – As a half action, and spending an Infamy Point, the character can make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use test. If he succeeds he gains Either Unnatural Agility X or Unnatural Strength X, where X is equal to 1+every 2 degrees of success on the Tech-Use test. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to his Int bonus, but he gains 1 fatigue for every round he allows it to persist after the 1st
Guardian – Ag 40 – As a reaction, spending an Infamy point, and sacrificing all actions he might take that round, the character may switch places with any ally within 2 meters, provided no obstructions. He then takes any damage the character might have received while being in that spot or being targeted at that moment.
Las Weapon Expertise – BS 35 – Whenever this character fires a las weapon at an enemy, the enemy takes -5 times the characters degrees of success on the BS test to his dodge test (to a maximum of -30)
Melta Weapon Expertise – BS 40, Weapon Training (Melta) – When firing a melta weapon, increase the range of the weapon by 2 times your BS bonus
Methodical Care – Int 40, Swift Suture – Whenever any of the character’s patients may suffer damage from a failed extended care test, reduce the damage dealt by this character’s Int Bonus
Plasma Weapon Expertise – BS 40, Weapon Training (Plasma) – Whenever the character wields a Plasma weapon, the weapon only overheats on a 96-100 roll.
Rite of Static Overload – One or more Cybernetic limb(s), Tech-Use – The character, as a half action, may make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use test to give any unarmed attack or built in weapons or mechanendrite weapons the Shocking quality for a number of rounds equal to his Int Bonus. After this point, or if he fails the test by 4+ degrees of failure, the appendage or mechanendrite in use/intended for use shuts down until he can spend several mins repairing it with a Routine (+20) Tech-Use Test
Skilled Rider – Survival 10 – If the character would be thrown from his mount for any reason, the character may make an *Ordinary (10)* Survival test to stay on the mount or fall on his feet taking no damage (unless from extreme height). In addition, the Mount and Dismount actions are now Half actions instead of Full
Solid Projectile Weapon Expertise – BS 35, Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) – When this character clears a jam from a solid projectile weapon, he may also reload as a free action. Additionally only one round is spent from the clip.
Stealth Sniper – Stealth +10 – Whenever this character makes a Standard Ranged shot action or a Ranged Called Shot action against an enemy, while he is in cover or concealed, he may make an opposed Stealth test vs his enemy(ies) Perception. If he succeeds he remains hidden from his enemies. The GM is free to determine any penalties to either tests.
Tank Hunter – BS 40 – When making attacks against a vehicle, the character adds his BS bonus to Pen
Tireless – T 40, WP 35 – The character ignores the -10 penalty when suffering from fatigue, but still will go unconscious when his fatigue is higher than his Toughness Bonus
Unstoppable Charge – WS 40, Survival +10 – When the character makes a Charge action or the Crushing Charge mounted action, his attack gains Felling (X) where X is equal to half his WS bonus. In addition, when making the Crushing Charge mounted action, his damage is increased by his mount’s Strength Bonus.

Tier 3
Abiding Resilience – T 40 – When you spend an Infamy point to regain wounds, you add your Toughness bonus to the number of wounds recovered. You also remove 1 Fatigue
Bombadier – BS 40, Weapon Training (Launcher), Tech-Use – When firing a weapon with the indirect quality, targeting an area the character cannot see is a half action instead of a full round action. In addition, when firing an indirect weapon or throwing a grenade, he may roll twice on determining the scatter location, and choose the result
Cybernetic Calibration – Two or more cybernetics, Tech-Use 10, Cybernetic Boost – All of the character’s cybernetics count as being 1 grade higher than normal. That is, standard becomes good, good becomes best, poor becomes standard.
Death Serves the Zealous – BS 50, Dead-eye Shot, Sharpshooter – Once per encounter, the Heretic can spend an Infamy point to change the damage roll of one die from a 1 to a 10. This can inflict Zealous Hatred as normal.
Don’t You Die on Me! – Master Chirurgeon, Methodical Care – Whenever an ally has died to bloodloss or a characteristic test, this character can attempt to bring the “dead” ally back to life so long as he does so within rounds equal to his intelligence bonus. He must make a Very Hard (-30) Medicae Test and spend an Infamy point every time he wishes to attempt. The revived ally still suffers any lost limbs or characteristic damage, but is brought back to 0 health.
Feat of Strength – S 45, Bulging Biceps – The character can spend an Infamy point to increase his Unnatural Strength score by X, where X is no more than equal to his current total strength bonus for one turn. At the end of the turn he gains fatigue equal to X.
Final Judgement – Fel 45, Air of Authority, Dead-eye Shot – Once per encounter, after killing an enemy, the character may spend an Infamy point and make a *Challenging (
0)* Command Test. If he succeeds his allies gain 5 times the degrees of success to their BS and WS tests as a bonus, and enemies receive that same bonus as a penalty to their tests
Las Weapon Mastery – BS 45, Las Weapon Expertise – Whenever the character deals damage with a Las weapon, he deals 1 damage per 2 degrees of success
Lock On – Per 40, Vigilant – The character may make dodge actions while aiming or using the Overwatch action without losing the benefits of the aim or overwatch
Melta Weapon Mastery – BS 50, Melta Weapon Expertise – Whenever the character hits an enemy with a melta weapon, increase the Pen of the weapon by +2 for every 2 degrees of success, this addition happens after the doubling bonus from range
Mental Maze – Int 35, Strong Minded – On an opposed Willpower test made when being targeted by a Psychic power or using a Psychic power, the character may spend an Infamy point to gain additional degrees of success equal to his Intelligence Bonus
Overkill – Per 40, Bulging Biceps – When the character hits with a range attack, he may make a *Challenging (
0)* Perception Test as a reaction to add his degrees of success on his perception test to the degrees of Success on the BS test.
Plasma Weapon Mastery – BS 50 Plasma Weapon Expertise – When the character fires a Plasma weapon with the Maximal Quality on the Maximal Setting, the weapon adds an additional +2 to its damage, Pen, and Blast Qualities.
Range Weapon Expert – BS 50, Weapon Training (chosen group) – Once per encounter, the character may Aim as a free action with the weapon of the chosen group.
Sacred Flame – WP 40, Cleanse and Purify – This character inflicts Zealous Hatred on a roll of a 9 or 10 on damage with weapons with the flame quality.
Solid Projectile Mastery – BS 45, Solid Projectile Expertise – Solid Projectile Weapons wielded by this character gain the Proven (X) quality, where X is the characters BS Bonus.
Stirring Rhetoric – Fel 45, Heroic Inspiration – Once per game session, the character may spend an Infamy point when using the Inspire ability of the Command skill to gain a +5 bonus per degree of success on the Command test, for any of his next actions (Maximum of +30).
The Flesh is Weak – Two or more cybernetics, Tech-Use +10 – The character gains the Machine trait equal to half, rounded down, the number of cybernetics he has (to a maximum of his toughness bonus). This stacks with any other sources granting the machine trait.
Versatile Shooter – Sharpshooter, Target Selection – When firing a single shot from a Pistol, Heavy Weapon, or Vehicle Weapon with the accurate quality, the character treats the weapon as Basic for the purposes of extra damage from the weapon.
Zealous Blow – BS 45 or WS 45 or WP 45 – When the character inflicts Zealous Hatred with a weapon or Psychic Power, he may roll twice on the critical result table and choose which one to take.

Only War Talents and Tiers

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